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White Papers

Types of Pressure: When and Why Are They Used?

July 1, 2013

Without measurement there is no control. As with any type of measurement, results need to be expressed in a defined and clear way to allow everyone to interpret and apply those results correctly. Accurate measurements and good measurement practices are essential in industrial automation and process environments, as they have a direct effect on the success of the desired outcome. Read more »

How to Select the Right Positioning Sensor Solution

October 1, 2012

Today’s machinery and equipment are continuously evolving, designed to enhance efficiency and built to withstand harsher conditions. Therefore, to accommodate performance and reliability demands, manufacturers need to implement positioning sensor solutions that can provide continuous operation and the highest level of accuracy. Sensors using a unique resistance inductance capacitance (RLC) operating principle are designed for accuracy, flexibility and durability to accommodate the widest range of applications and complement production efficiency goals. Read more »